The Fishing Competition that put me off

Reading through the achievements in World of Warcraft, the MMO that I have been playing for 10 years now and still am, I stumbled on one of the impossible achievements of the game, “Salty” for Master Angler of Azeroth.

This one requires you to have the patience of a monk to fish through conditions, locations and a fishing contest….in the game. Now this contest only happens once a week at 4pm my time and have about 2 hours to catch 40 x  Speckled Tastyfish. It is nerve wrecking because their are at least 40 other players who are competing at the same time.

This is my story on how I got the achievement….

I did some research on how other people managed to be either 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the competition, you need to be one of any to get it. Thanks to the guides at wowhead, I managed to prep myself before the competition began by a day. I had to do it with my Night Elf Hunter, my main’s standing is kinda crappy with Booty Bay at the moment, I made sure that my hearthstone is set to Booty Bay as well to save time, you need to quickly hand it in before anyone else.

So I logged in on Sunday 3:30pm and stood infront of a pool in Stranglethorn Plains, I noticed that there were loads of players standing infront of each pool possible. I read on that you need to be calm throughout the process, it helps really. so I started at Nesingwary’s Expedition.

explore_ns_guide (1)

Once your done with the pool you are in, mount and fly to the Lake Nazferiti under, there are loads of pools there, follow the triangle I drew on the map for the fastest way to fish the pools, this can guarentee that by the time you are done with a pool of fish, another one will spawn. Keep doing that as fast as you can, don’t bother with other players fishing in the same pool, just focus in getting your 40 Speckled Tastyfish.


The moment you get the 40th  Speckled Tastyfish, hearthstone to Booty Bay. Don’t mount and rush at the goblin with the quest….and BOOOM you got the achievement, as long as you are 1st 2nd or 3rd it doesn’t matter. If not, better luck next time. I have tried to do the achievement 3 times and I managed to get it.

Now that the achievement is out of the way, I can focus on  One That Didn’t Get Away and hope for the RNG gods are kind to me




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