Sa7 Travel: Liechtenstein: The Beginning

Eid was around the corner and I haven’t felt that I’m done with traveling this summer. I have a week off from work due to the Eid Al Adha so I decided to visit my dear neighbor at his homeland….Liechtenstein. For those who don’t know this glorious country….here is a map and the flag

whats funny is that the my neighbor’s passport is that they put a similar picture of a map to Liechtenstein…you know….just incase they get asked at the airport on where in world is this place.

Due to the size of the country, they don’t have an airport, so I decided to go to Zurich, Switzerland for my flight down. I just need to drive an hour and half to the country. You can always use Munich, Germany depending on the price of the airplane ticket, it will take you about 2 hours driving.

The drive was great, alot of nature on the way….just like most of Europe, Sun is up and the weather was cool. Found it facinating that the border between Switzerland and Liechtenstein was the Rhine River, the trust is real.

What was great that my neighbors though I was bluffing coz no one was serious enough to make the trip, so my friend and I went downtown to the Expo that was happening in Vaduz. The Expo was great, companies from Liechtenstein showcase their products as well as meeting potential clients from Switzerland who come for a visit. There are alot of International companies that I didn’t know where from this country, the more you know the more you learn.

So I stayed in Tresenburg with one of the neighbors son, this place had a great view of three mountains, now I know why doesn’t wanna come back to Dubai. Imagine your view is this every morning. Makes you motivated to go to work…..or call in sick and go hiking.





So day one is pretty chilled. More adventures coming up..stay tuned


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