Storytime #1

It was noon at Crophaven Village, in the middle of Spring. With my feet firmly planted on the ground, I took a look at the valley overseeing the village of my forefathers, it was magnificant. The air up here is sweet and calm, it helps me meditate by a few deep breaths as I hike with my dog, Spark across the mountain on my day off. This view never gets old and almost feels like a dream every time I hike up here.

Crophaven has always been my favorite place and a great trade hub for the year’s apricots, fava beans and spinach. Merchants travel from all over the continent to visit the Harvest Festival which is due next week. I got to go back tonight to finish crafting the tables and the display stage for the festival.

The “Gates of Heaven” refurbishment is nearly complete, built by the Rocklette Tribe as a sign of prosperity and hope. Their generosity know no end, they have invested in the architecture the village and made sure that we outshine any other village in Sweetleaf Valley.

Although the village seem divided by the Dalboon River, the bridge construction will be a great path of merchants of the north to have access the population, they can also venture south to continue their journey to the City of Termant, the metropolitan city of Fomit Provience. At least this time, they will recognize us, since the betrayal.

I was an hours walk from the village, the cool winds started to invite the fluffy clouds of the west. The path in the mountains can be slippery and dangerous when it rains, I need to cut my hike short.

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