Today’s thoughts

We are truly blessed to how easy it is to write your thoughts on the internet and keep it there forever. Once it is published on the web, it is not yours anymore, it’s everybody’s.

Had a thought that I want to share based on the recent events that happened to me recently. I noticed that life will always challenge you when it comes to self worth. I love meeting people and understand their potential in what they can accomplish with a little will power, unfortunately it doesn’t work when you try to look at it from within yourself.

So I had a talk with with one of my buddies at our frequent coffee shop in al qouz. He was getting frustrated that he couldn’t land a job for quite sometime, well the pandemic is still here and companies are not recruiting as often as they want.

The frustration would drive anyone up the wall, he keeps himself busy with fixing stuff around the coffee shop when they need help, doesn’t get paid for it but it is a great way to practice on some skills with carpentary and painting.

I remembered 3 years ago, when I was looking for a job and it took me 3 years through 14 different interviews to land the job I currently do. As an Emirati, apparently I have an advantage over an expat any day, I didn’t see it that way. I was rejected, offered a lower salary and sometimes flat out insulted, I guess it’s a strategy to see if I can take it. I know what they were trying to do, apparently I might lose my temper and walk out. Life Hack…try to ask questions as if you are interviewing them, it helps to know what you are trying to get in to as a company and management styles.

I guess that one of the reasons I got this job is because of the following:

  1. Never give up, keep going to interviews until you get the job. The caveman didn’t give up lighting his fire with one stroke, he kept rubbing the two sticks until he the sticks light up.
  2. Believe in yourself, that is how other people will believe in you.
  3. Be open to new things, don’t shut out opportunities just because you don’t like one element of the opportunity.
  4. If it doesn’t work out, well there are other places you can try.
  5. Try new things to learn new skills.

You never know, you miss 100% of the shots you never take.

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