Storytime #1

It was noon at Crophaven Village, in the middle of Spring. With my feet firmly planted on the ground, I took a look at the valley overseeing the village of my forefathers, it was magnificant. The air up here is sweet and calm, it helps me meditate by a few deep breaths as I hike with my dog, Spark across the mountain on my day off. This view never gets old and almost feels like a dream every time I hike up here.

Crophaven has always been my favorite place and a great trade hub for the year’s apricots, fava beans and spinach. Merchants travel from all over the continent to visit the Harvest Festival which is due next week. I got to go back tonight to finish crafting the tables and the display stage for the festival.

The “Gates of Heaven” refurbishment is nearly complete, built by the Rocklette Tribe as a sign of prosperity and hope. Their generosity know no end, they have invested in the architecture the village and made sure that we outshine any other village in Sweetleaf Valley.

Although the village seem divided by the Dalboon River, the bridge construction will be a great path of merchants of the north to have access the population, they can also venture south to continue their journey to the City of Termant, the metropolitan city of Fomit Provience. At least this time, they will recognize us, since the betrayal.

I was an hours walk from the village, the cool winds started to invite the fluffy clouds of the west. The path in the mountains can be slippery and dangerous when it rains, I need to cut my hike short.

Back to Miniature Painting

Finally convienced myself to get back in building my miniature painting project “Warhammer 40k – Emperor’s Children”. My roommate and I setup a small studio in our department where we can comfortably paint our miniatures.

Here are some of the things that we managed to set up at the studio.

  1. Lighting – specifically enough blue light. This helps us see the colors off the miniatures properly. Also to help us identify “Flash” when we are cleaning and assembling the miniatures.
  2. Acrylic colors for Miniature Painting.
  3. Prime spray can.
  4. Airbrush setup (optional).
  5. Wide enough table.
  6. Cleaning and assembly tools.
  7. Glue.
  8. Blue Tac.
  9. Wet Pellet.
  10. Brushes.
  11. Cup of water.
  12. Brush soap.
  13. Willing to make mistakes.
  14. Holders to hold your miniatures when painting.
  15. Last but not least…PATIENCE.

I’m going to post some information about the points I just mentioned in detail to help in understanding what, how and why we need this type of setting to have great results when miniature painting, also make sure it is fun as well.

The Fishing Competition that put me off

Reading through the achievements in World of Warcraft, the MMO that I have been playing for 10 years now and still am, I stumbled on one of the impossible achievements of the game, “Salty” for Master Angler of Azeroth.

This one requires you to have the patience of a monk to fish through conditions, locations and a fishing contest….in the game. Now this contest only happens once a week at 4pm my time and have about 2 hours to catch 40 x  Speckled Tastyfish. It is nerve wrecking because their are at least 40 other players who are competing at the same time.

This is my story on how I got the achievement….

I did some research on how other people managed to be either 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the competition, you need to be one of any to get it. Thanks to the guides at wowhead, I managed to prep myself before the competition began by a day. I had to do it with my Night Elf Hunter, my main’s standing is kinda crappy with Booty Bay at the moment, I made sure that my hearthstone is set to Booty Bay as well to save time, you need to quickly hand it in before anyone else.

So I logged in on Sunday 3:30pm and stood infront of a pool in Stranglethorn Plains, I noticed that there were loads of players standing infront of each pool possible. I read on that you need to be calm throughout the process, it helps really. so I started at Nesingwary’s Expedition.

explore_ns_guide (1)

Once your done with the pool you are in, mount and fly to the Lake Nazferiti under, there are loads of pools there, follow the triangle I drew on the map for the fastest way to fish the pools, this can guarentee that by the time you are done with a pool of fish, another one will spawn. Keep doing that as fast as you can, don’t bother with other players fishing in the same pool, just focus in getting your 40 Speckled Tastyfish.


The moment you get the 40th  Speckled Tastyfish, hearthstone to Booty Bay. Don’t mount and rush at the goblin with the quest….and BOOOM you got the achievement, as long as you are 1st 2nd or 3rd it doesn’t matter. If not, better luck next time. I have tried to do the achievement 3 times and I managed to get it.

Now that the achievement is out of the way, I can focus on  One That Didn’t Get Away and hope for the RNG gods are kind to me




Gaming Reviews: The Division Blog#2 – Loadouts

This game is definitely more fun playing with your friends than playing alone, the only reason that I would go solo would be if I am finishing off my dailies.

The funniest part about leveling up is to go hardcore from the beginning. We leveled up by completing each level in hard mode, we died miserably like a million times but we managed to get through by the end of the night.


One advantage in playing in hard mode for missions was that you really feel that you have earned it. Every move you make counts and you can’t afford to rush in especially when there is a named elite that you gonna fight. I remember that we needed to set roles for each of us, this was our load out for a 3 man squad as an example

  1. Explosive Focus – he is in charge of starting the encounter with blowing up as many enemies as possible and continue doing that for crowd control.
    1. Sticky Bomb
    2. Turret
    3. Tactical Link (Signature)
  2. Healer – focuses in reviving and healing everybody.
    1. Support Station
    2. First Aid
    3. Recovery Link (Signature)
  3. Support and Long Range – in charge of activating the skills below and sniping
    1. Pulse
    2. Mobile Cover
    3. Survivor Link (Signature)

Now that the load out is set, the gear needed will be as well re calibrated accordingly to maximize the effectiveness of each skill. It is kinda tough to make sure you get the right gear especially when you want to switch roles from time to time. I would suggest having different sets of gear to switch out when you change roles.

What is great about the game is that you can change your skills at any point with no cost, so go nuts. It gives the opportunity for you to mix and match depending on your gaming style.

These roles can be effective in DZ (Dark Zone) as well providing that you move together as one unit, it is really easy to lose yourself and spread out too thin, so you need to keep in mind to do your job, it helps when extracting stuff without getting run down by both NPCs or real players.

Try it out, let me know what you think

Gaming Reviews: The Division Blog#1

After I decided to leave World of Warcraft since my friends, who talked me into coming back the game, I ventured alone in pursuit in playing other games such as GTA V, when they just introduced heists into the game. I must say that I did enjoy it until it become the only thing my friends and I play….all day, once you do all the heists and get all the cars, you pretty much killing other players on your server. It killed the social part, everyone decided to stay in and play the game rather than enjoy the outdoors, especially when it is winter in Dubai.

I was waiting for this game for more than a year and I finally got it. I didn’t go for the beta though….never after I pre-ordered diablo 3 when it took me a week until I was able to play it offline. Then again when a big hype for a game is overwhelming, I like to give a month until it dies out and then go for it. Luckily two of my friends got the beta and the game was awesome, what helped the idea of getting the game was the fact that two of friends are already playing it.

They were right, this game is great! Even from the beginning….the story was great, didn’t experience any bugs and the story was very well illustrated in my opinion. Played throughout the game solo for some time until I was high enough level to join my other friends to play as a group, leveled up as group until level 30 which honestly better than leveling up solo.

The game involves the same stuff I enjoy like missions, side missions, encounters, a pvp platform (Dark Zone) which is pretty interesting and last but not least Incursions. I love the fact there are loads of stuff that you need to pick up along the game.

The roles in the game are pretty sweet, you can mix and match skills and talents to match your game style. It gives you the opportunity to change all your skills at any point with no cost, and try a different role in a party.

I would hold on to the season pass before the first patch and see how it goes. Not a fan of getting the season pass before experiencing at least one expansion before I get the season pass.

I haven’t played destiny yet and I don’t think I will go for the $80 bundle, plus my friends who played it stopped playing it by now, but the division did take a lot of the traits from destiny where people told me that the leveling, gear and missions are very similar to destiny except you are in New York and you’re saving it.

I am going to share some tips on playing the game plus post some of the cool stuff the game has to offer.

For now, good night and get this game