Back to Miniature Painting

Finally convienced myself to get back in building my miniature painting project “Warhammer 40k – Emperor’s Children”. My roommate and I setup a small studio in our department where we can comfortably paint our miniatures.

Here are some of the things that we managed to set up at the studio.

  1. Lighting – specifically enough blue light. This helps us see the colors off the miniatures properly. Also to help us identify “Flash” when we are cleaning and assembling the miniatures.
  2. Acrylic colors for Miniature Painting.
  3. Prime spray can.
  4. Airbrush setup (optional).
  5. Wide enough table.
  6. Cleaning and assembly tools.
  7. Glue.
  8. Blue Tac.
  9. Wet Pellet.
  10. Brushes.
  11. Cup of water.
  12. Brush soap.
  13. Willing to make mistakes.
  14. Holders to hold your miniatures when painting.
  15. Last but not least…PATIENCE.

I’m going to post some information about the points I just mentioned in detail to help in understanding what, how and why we need this type of setting to have great results when miniature painting, also make sure it is fun as well.

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