Sa7 Travel: Monaco

Woke up early morning to catch the train going to Monaco from Nice. My wife’s friend works at Monaco and uses the train to go to work. Convenient coz you don’t have to drive there. The best part about the train in France is that there are no checking points. You can literally go to the city and back without an attendant asking you for a ticket. I can see how this can end up badly, but then again what works in Nice doesn’t necessary work anywhere else. I still paid for the ticket though, guilt drove me crazy.

I always take the opportunity to notice the tiny details of any trip I take, I noticed that you are not allowed to talk on the phone when you sitting down, you need to walk out to the doors to have your conversation. I loved it, the courtesy is great. I noticed a passenger getting off his seat and walk at the doors to take a call, no one dared to take his seat. In Dubai, you snooze you lose!


The train trip was awesome, it runs right next to the coast, it was beautiful.

So we reached and smell of the tracks reminded me of Moscow metro back in 2009, nostalgic. We walked to the office to drop off my wife’s friend and then continued exploring the city. It reminded me of Dubai, everything is new and expensive. Saw a Ferrari, coming from Dubai…it was a familiar sight. The yachts were remarkable, never seen so many black yachts.


I checked out prices of real estate, crazy expensive. Did some research on how does Monaco make its money, found out that they are great with logistics and trading. It was funny to see that most shops have the Prince’s picture, he must be loved.

It is a relatively small place, mostly new buildings and facilities. Went to the Zoo which was always great, I love animals. Visited the Naval Ships Museum, pretty impressive. Had lunch and in general, just chilled by the port. Took some great pics as well of the city.

5pm hit and we were off back to Nice to retire for the day


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