Gaming Reviews: The Division Blog#2 – Loadouts

This game is definitely more fun playing with your friends than playing alone, the only reason that I would go solo would be if I am finishing off my dailies.

The funniest part about leveling up is to go hardcore from the beginning. We leveled up by completing each level in hard mode, we died miserably like a million times but we managed to get through by the end of the night.


One advantage in playing in hard mode for missions was that you really feel that you have earned it. Every move you make counts and you can’t afford to rush in especially when there is a named elite that you gonna fight. I remember that we needed to set roles for each of us, this was our load out for a 3 man squad as an example

  1. Explosive Focus – he is in charge of starting the encounter with blowing up as many enemies as possible and continue doing that for crowd control.
    1. Sticky Bomb
    2. Turret
    3. Tactical Link (Signature)
  2. Healer – focuses in reviving and healing everybody.
    1. Support Station
    2. First Aid
    3. Recovery Link (Signature)
  3. Support and Long Range – in charge of activating the skills below and sniping
    1. Pulse
    2. Mobile Cover
    3. Survivor Link (Signature)

Now that the load out is set, the gear needed will be as well re calibrated accordingly to maximize the effectiveness of each skill. It is kinda tough to make sure you get the right gear especially when you want to switch roles from time to time. I would suggest having different sets of gear to switch out when you change roles.

What is great about the game is that you can change your skills at any point with no cost, so go nuts. It gives the opportunity for you to mix and match depending on your gaming style.

These roles can be effective in DZ (Dark Zone) as well providing that you move together as one unit, it is really easy to lose yourself and spread out too thin, so you need to keep in mind to do your job, it helps when extracting stuff without getting run down by both NPCs or real players.

Try it out, let me know what you think

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